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How our diabetic treatment works

Our unique approach to treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes is designed to offer real results and real relief. Our approach includes a physician-directed metabolic restoration program that is conducted through an individualized patient care plan.

Personalized care to help get you in control of your diabetes

How it works

We’re with you every step of the way.

1. Meet your Care Team

A clinician will conduct a comprehensive health assessment and work with you to define your goals and create a plan to achieve them. You will also meet your doctor, who will be there to support you every step of the way.

2. Your first appointment

Physiologic Insulin Resensitization (PIR) is a groundbreaking multi-patented approach where insulin is administered as a hormone rather than a drug, addressing the primary cause of diabetes, being metabolic failure.

3. Set goals and schedule followups

Care plans typically start with 2 infusions per week and reduce to 1 per week for about 90 days. We then focus on finding a balance between an optimized metabolism and insulin sensitivity while extending as much time as possible between treatments.

4. Get Results

Our patients report: restored energy, medications reduced, diminished nerve pain, diminished retinopathy, wounds healed, amputations prevented, controlled weight, controlled blood sugar, reduced blood pressure, restored erectile function, improved mood and sleep, and hair and nail growth.

So many happy patients

My blood sugar is controlled
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“My blood sugar is now controlled and my eyesight has improved so much I went from legally blind without glasses to now being able to read the captions on the TV with no glasses, and I’m down from six vials of insulin per month to only three.”
It's almost a miracle
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“It’s almost a miracle that my foot healed so well. I started treatment and within three weeks it had healed. The wound had been there for three months prior to treatment.”
My neuropathy disappeared
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“I haven’t felt this good in years. It’s like my neuropathy just disappeared and my energy level has increased.”
Symptoms got better
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"By taking these insulin infusions for their diabetes, some of their Parkinson's symptoms got better!"

Experience results that have the potential to astonish you and your doctor!

Diabetes management needs a new approach that’s tailored to you. Our team can help you decide if DFW Diabetic Relief is right for you. We’ll answer your questions without pressure.