Voices of Transformation:

Welcome to our dedicated space of inspiration and triumph! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible patients who have graciously chosen to share their transformative journeys with us. Your stories are the heartbeat of our community, and we deeply appreciate your willingness to uplift and inspire others. To respect your privacy, we maintain confidentiality by withholding patient names.

Here, within these virtual walls, you’ll find a tapestry of success stories taken in 2024. These are just a few examples, and if you missed Ryan’s testimonial (link), one of our owners, you can find it on the home page along with testimonials from our past patients. Thank you for being an integral part of this empowering narrative.

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Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams' Testimonial

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the end of 2022. I began treatments to help control my blood sugar with my primary care physician. My friend and I discovered the modality of the PIR treatments when we were researching living with diabetes. We began our treatments at Comanche County, and I immediately saw results: my vision improved at night, my energy level went up, and my sleep tremendously improved. Additionally, my A1c numbers began trending down.

While receiving my treatments, I would have conversations with other patients who were also receiving treatments simultaneously. Everyone I spoke with had a story to tell about their results. Most patients reported improved neuropathy, memory recall, eyesight, blood pressure, and many other conditions improved. This inspired me to consider opening our own clinic in the DFW area, where we live.

My friend and I became business partners and opened our first clinic in Roanoke, TX. We hope to bring this modality, which has helped so many, to improve the lives of those living with diabetes and other metabolic disorders.